Peevish's twentieth performance, July 9, 2003,
411, Portland, Oregon. With Bryan Eubanks, solo soprano saxophone.

A Man, a Plan, a Canal: Erie
Craig, Steve, Taylor, Wilson
- singing
Sing along with peevish

Taylor, Craig
- square dancing, wrestling, movements, behaviors
Steve - baritone sax, calling out
Wilson - synth, calling out

A Cool Thing for the Warriors: Kiss and Wear Makeup
- dancing, movements, behaviors, vocals, bull-horn
Taylor - flute, vocals
Craig - clarinet, vocals
Steve - baritone sax, vocals
This roasted chestnut was capped with a rousing all-vocal finale.

That the Breakfast Burrito Fell Through the Sky Table and We Nuzzled Alone That Time?
Steve - storytelling
Wilson - bells
Taylor - flute
Craig - clarinet
Steve is not with the band.

Macro Game 004 - Pressure
Each piece in this performance was planned onstage in sixty seconds
as counted off by members of the sexy and intelligent audience.


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